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Build, Scale, and Align, your business to success.

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Know your business dreams are achievable with the right support and getting the work done. You can build your business to reach your goals by joining the Glass Wallet community and following each framework to build, scale and align your business for complete success.

Choose a Golden Circle Course

Determine the stage of your business and the corresponding course to get started. If you are a new business owner, we suggest starting with Build. Those that have a running business and are looking to grow, should start with Scale and those owners looking to sell their business should look into Align. All these course flow into each other, so you are able to start and bottom and get to where you want.

Reach your Business Goals

Do the work throughout each course and achieve your business goals. It can be hard to achieve success but with the right tools and the accountability to get the work done, those business dreams can come into fruition. Sharrin will keep you accountable each step of the way, guaranteeing if you get the work done you will succeed.

The Golden Circle


For entrepreneurs looking to start their business and needing the building blocks to get the business running. This monthly membership includes access to the Glass Wallet community where you will gain access to exclusive content, framework workbooks and be able to engage with Sharrin to ask specific questions about your business.
Investment: $200/month min. 3 months
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Designed for business owners that are ready to grow their business to the next level. This membership runs for six consecutive weeks, where you will receive 90 mins with Sharrin who will walk you through the framework to scale your company.
Investment: $5,000
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Mature businesses and owners looking to start fresh or even retire, this course will get your company aligned and ready for acquisition. You will receive 1:1 time with Sharrin over 3 weeks o recieve expert insight into what your business requires in order to be acquired. You will also receive introductions to 2 possible buyers, ensuring the sale of your business within 3 months.
Investment: $10,000
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Let's Do This!

Glass Wallet is here to build an inspiring, inclusive and supportive community for every level of business stage to support entrepreneurs and business owners to reach success through online courses and monthly community engagement. After I was able to build an accounting and bookkeeping practice, scale it to a more prominent firm, and ultimately shape my company in order for it to be successfully acquired, I am on a mission to empower other entrepreneurs to reach the business success they dream of. Glass Wallet is here to empower and support you every step of the way to your business success. I’m excited to have you here!

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