Sharrin Fuller

Uninhibited Business Coach And Trailblazer

My Story

Sharrin Fuller is the CEO and founder of Glass Wallet. After successfully launching and selling her first financial services business, she is empowering business owners across the states to achieve the same level of success as she has.

She is a prominent thought leader and speaker for fintech, small business, and the accounting and bookkeeping profession. She specializes in consulting on business strategy, human capital optimization, partnerships, and entrepreneurship.
After successfully starting, scaling, and selling her accounting and bookkeeping practice, Sharrin developed the Remote Firm Scaling System and Remote Team Roadmap to help accounting firms position themselves for growth and eventual acquisition with maximum productivity from their teams.
Over her nearly two decades in business, Sharrin has also created significant partnerships with payroll, timekeeping, and benefits companies. She is an ADP Advisory Board Member and has consulted with many accounting and bookkeeping practices to help them maximize their financial, operational, and human resources.

Glass Wallet Values

Empower business owners to reach their success.

Glass Wallet is not just about providing the framework for businesses to successfully, build and scale their company for acquisition; it's about providing the knowledge and processes to empower business owners to confidently and effectively succeed in their business goals.

Accountability to do the work.

Your dream business is achievable, but the hard work needs to be done to get there. Glass Wallet provides the support and accountability for you to complete the steps to achieve success and ensure you are accountable to

Innovate to find a solution.

Building a business doesn't need to follow the traditional process. Glass Wallet is dedicated to guiding anyone to a scalable and successful business, you don't need a business degree to be a business owner.


“Sharrin is one of the most dedicated professionals around she is always very productive She
brought so many great savings and ideas to the company. Sharrin is someone that can help your
business move to the next level with her passion, intelligence, and energy she will set you up for
success it was a pleasure working with her.”

-Andre Butler, Area Director at Tocaya Modern Mexican
“Sharrin has strong analytical skills and a willingness to go the extra mile to exceed company and
client expectations. She worked tirelessly to streamline both internal and external processes and
was beneficial in advancing the company's reporting. It's a pleasure working with her as she instills
confidence in the work she produces”

-MaryEllen Adan, Director of Operations at Infocore Inc.
“Sharrin is someone that can help take your business to the next level. I have seen her passion,
intelligence, and energy create additional opportunities and momentum to help other businesses
succeed. She has a tireless work effort and exhibits the business acumen needed to help your
organization succeed. You can’t go wrong when Sharrin is a part of your team.”
-Jason Wiggins, General Manager at Redline Rentals

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