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Glass Wallet courses are designed to support and guide business owners of professional services and software companies to achieve their business goals. Whether you are a new entrepreneur looking to build your business off the ground, looking to scale your business to the next level or, even a business owner looking to sell their business, Sharrin Fuller will walk you through the proven pathway to business success.
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Why Join the Glass Wallet Community?

The Glass Wallet Community is designed to support business owners in every step of their company. Learn from the fearless leader, Sharrin Fuller, as well as other business owners looking to build their business for success. Attend webinars that will cover all sides of your business, gain access to workbooks and checklists that are easy to implement, participate in live Q&A’s, and receive exclusive promos for the Glass Wallet Community. Join a community built for business owners just like you, looking to exceed their goals and reach the ultimate success.
Join The Community

Who Should Join the Glass Wallet Community?

Business owners of a professional service or software company looking to advance their business should join the Glass Wallet Community. Brand new business owners that have a golden idea but aren’t sure how to build the company, business owners looking to scale their company beyond their current state or owners looking to sell their business. Each stage of a business is provided with the knowledge and guidance to reach their goals within the Glass Wallet Courses.

What can I expect to gain from joining the community?

Joining the community instantly connects you to like minded business owners looking to level up their business. You will gain access to Sharrin’s proven path to build, scale and aligning your company for acquisition. Exclusive content such as webinars, downloadable workbooks and checklists, live Q&A, introductions to buyers in your industry and customizable implementation plans for your business growth are all included, depending on what course you select. Check out all Glass Wallet Courses.

When should I take the Glass Wallet Courses?

Depending on the stage of your business will help you determine what course you should take and when. It's suggested for business owners just starting out to join the Glass Wallet Build course and community to get started.

What are costs associated with the Glass Wallet Courses?

There are different costs associated to each course with each stage of your business growth. We offer payment plans to make it manageable for new business owners. Visit the Glass Wallet Courses page to learn more.

About Sharrin

Going to school, getting a business degree, following the textbook steps to build a business is one way of achieving success. But there is another way. Sharrin not only built a proven path to business success without following the ‘tradtional’ steps to be a successful business owner, she is empowering business owners across the states to achieve the same level of success as she did.

Sharrin Fuller is the CEO and founder of Glass Wallet and a prominent thought leader and speaker for fintech, small business, as well as the accounting and bookkeeping profession. After successfully starting, scaling, and selling her accounting and bookkeeping practice, Sharrin developed the Remote Firm Scaling System and Remote Team Roadmap to help accounting firms position themselves for growth and eventual acquisition with maximum productivity from their teams.

Learn from a CEO and uninhibited business coach who is as real as gets, gain business knowledge and know-how from a leader who has done it all.

Let's start working together!

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